Did you know that one third of a hospital’s garbage is made up of plastics? Of this massive amount of plastic waste, 25% of it is composed of PVC plastic medical products that are used directly in the patient care setting. Intravenous bags, face masks, and oxygen tubing are common items that are needed everywhere patient care is delivered. Medical wards, post-operative surgical wards, intensive care units, operating rooms, day surgery, and outpatient services are just a few of the examples where PVC products are…Continue Reading “Making PVC Plastic Recycling Programs a Success at Your Hospital”

Compliance Rates According to Hand Hygiene Australia, the 2017 compliance rate for handwashing among staff in hospitals is 84.3%. If you were a college student taking a microbiology course, this would be an above average grade. Not stellar. But good enough to feel some sense of achievement. Considering that hand washing is the number one way to prevent hospital-acquired infections, is 84.3% really good enough? If your grandmother was admitted to the hospital for a hip replacement, would you be comfortable with 15 out of…Continue Reading “Is Hand Washing at Hospitals Going High Tech?”

When a smoke alarm sounds in your aged care nursing home, does panic cloud the judgment and responsiveness of your healthcare staff or do they respond in a concise, competent manner that prioritizes the safety and evacuation of the residents? Obviously, the latter response is preferred. Lives are at risk and it is imperative that every staff member knows what to do. Responding to a fire emergency in an effective way is facilitated by on-site fire safety training at your facility. New employees should be…Continue Reading “FIRE SAFETY TRAINING IN AGED CARE NURSING HOMES”

The Hazards The hazards that face remote healthcare workers have been a significant concern for quite some time. Inadequate staffing, workplace violence, late night medical calls, and concerns for personal safety are just a few of the dangers that put remote workers at risk for harm. After the 2016 assaults on remote area nurses as well as the devastating murder of remote nurse Gayle Woodford in the APY Lands, anger and alarm rippled throughout the country and heralded in new initiatives to facilitate strategies that…Continue Reading “IMPROVING THE SAFETY OF THE NURSING WORKFORCE IN REMOTE AUSTRALIA”

Smartphones In Healthcare What if the future involved using your smartphone as a digital mobile medical clinic? Well, that’s exactly what is happening in healthcare today. Imagine you have been suffering from mild abdominal pain for the past few hours and instead of driving to see your local MD, you pick up your smartphone. Diagnosis At The Touch Of Your Finger Within minutes, you receive a diagnosis that you are suffering from dyspepsia or a mild form of indigestion and are offered some recommendations for…Continue Reading “Australian Smartphone Apps That Are Changing Healthcare”

The Importance Of Cleaning Staff The role of custodians or cleaning staff in our healthcare facilities is largely underrated. Do you know that they play the biggest role in preventing and transmitting disease within the hospital setting? How? They clean, sanitize, and disinfect. This may sound unexciting to the average reader but to those who are hospitalized and have a compromised immune system that is susceptible to further disease and infection from hospital-acquired infections, the housekeeping staff or environmental services of a healthcare facility may…Continue Reading “THE HEROES OF INFECTION CONTROL IN OUR HOSPITALS”

I sat down and spoke with Kim Burow a number of weeks ago about their organization YellowBridge and how the NDIS is retrofitting disability services for Australians. Where Australians with disabilities are given more choice. Shaun ( Executive Distributors ) Why don’t you tell me a little bit about YellowBridge? YellowBridge is a local independent not-for-profit organization and we provide community housing, disability support, youth services, and home services We manage about 140 community homes. We’ve got a medium-term transition accommodation for young people who…Continue Reading “BLOG Q&A: Kim Burows: Helping those in need through the NDIS”